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Other Breeds

The photos on this page are of Sable rabbits I have owned in the past
and who are sadly no longer with us.


Sable rabbits are one of the old traditional fur breeds, and are unfortunately pretty uncommon these days. There are two varieties –

siamese (shaded brown) and marten (shaded brown with white belly, around nose, inside ears and ticking).


They come in light, medium and dark shades, although lights
may well now have died out. They first appeared in litters of
Chinchilla rabbits in 1919 and Liverpool fancier David Irving is
credited with having popularised them both here and abroad.


The adult weight is between 2.26 and 3.17 kg, making them
a medium-sized breed. The fur is truly amazing to touch,
incredibly dense and luxurious!

Sable rabbits