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Flecky, born 12 April 2004
(son of Poppy and Monty)

Flecky is a hand reared rabbit, his mother Poppy died when he was 10 days old.
Flecky at 3 weeks old
Other breeds
Other Breeds

Flecky is rather demanding, and has chewed his way out of two runs and one hutch!!  He is a real character and loves to lick our fingers.  He also loves to push a football round his run!


Mabel - Siamese Sable doe - born 5 April 2009

We found her at Bromyard Gala Show in 2009,

she was bred by Sue Plowman of Gemini Stud.


She is now retired from breeding and has been spayed.

Ruddles - Marten Sable buck - born 17 May 2008

We managed to find Ruddles after a lot of searching, he came from Sylvia Pittman in Wilshire,

and was bred by Walt Betteridge


Merlin - Marten Sable buck - born 16 March 2010
(son of Mabel and Ruddles)
Beamish - Siamese Sable buck -
born 26 March 20102
(son of
Matilda and Ruddles)
Rufus- black tan buck -
born August 2010

Rufus did very well at the Hundred House
Pet Show in September 2011, he was

Reserve Best In Show out of 50 pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, cats, hamsters, a mouse, a lizard and a ferret!

Bella - blue tan doe -
born in 2010

Rufus and Bella came from friends Tammy and Gerald Weaver who live near Monmouth, both  of these bunnies are real characters!

Merlin was one of the sables born in the first litter I had, he did well on the show table before retiring last year. He is a very friendly rabbit who loves to dig and charge around in his run!


Beamish won Best Fur Doe at the Royal Welsh Show in 2012, a week later I discovered she had become a he! He has an amazingly dense coat just like

his mum Matilda had.


Mocha - Marten Sable doe -

born in 2012


She had her first litter on 11th September fathered by my Marten Sable buck Ruddles.

Bournville - Siamese Sable doe - born in 2012


She has recently had her first litter, fathered by my Marten Sable buck Merlin, and had just the one baby Marten Sable.

Harley, born 29 November 2011

Harley is a sooty fawn butterfly French lop.
He won Best Pet at the Royal Welsh Show in 2012 out of over 60 entries!

He is now neutered and lives with Cinnamon.