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**       Please think carefully before buying any pet. You will need to be able to care for all of its needs for its whole life, which can be ten years or more for a rabbit and six years or more for a guinea pig. Bear in mind that a pet bought for an older child may still be alive when your child leaves home, and you will then need to take complete responsibility for it!

I recommend that you click on the two links below and read the articles to help you decide if a rabbit is a suitable pet for your family and lifestyle:

         Is A Rabbit For Me? (Rabbit Welfare Association)
**       Owning a rabbit or guinea pig is a large commitment and I will not sell them to people who think it is acceptable to coop them up in a small hutch without attention, exercise and regular handling.  

**       Rabbits and guinea pigs are not cheap to own - a recent survey suggests that a rabbit will cost £3000 over its lifetime, this does not include any non-routine vet bills! You will initially need to spend money on a suitably-sized hutch and run, toys and bowls; then there is the ongoing expense of good quality food (dry and fresh), hay, wood shavings and any vet’s bills if your pet becomes unwell.

**       For rabbits, vaccinations for myxomatosis and VHD (there are now two strains - VHD/RHD1 and VHD/RHD2) will also need to be budgeted for, plus spaying or neutering which is recommended. There is now a need to vaccinate twice yearly - once against myxomatosis/VHD1 with the Nobivac vaccine and once against VHD2 with the Filavac or Eravac vaccine - these need to be given two weeks apart with an annual booster for each.
You may also wish to insure your pet in case of any unexpected or expensive vet’s bills.

**       This is a hobby not a business - I breed for the satisfaction that I get out of it and in the hope that I will perhaps breed a rabbit good enough for the show table!  
Unlike some other breeders, I do not over-breed my pets - I will only have one or two litters from each breeding doe or sow per year. All money I receive from selling stock goes back into their upkeep (food, bedding, vet’s bills, vaccinations, toys, etc).

**       No babies are sold until they are at least ten weeks old (rabbits) or six weeks old (guinea pigs). The minimum age at which to sell baby rabbits was increased in 2015 by the British Rabbit Council from 8 weeks to 10 weeks, as a responsible breeder I will also be changing to 10 weeks. Please do not expect them to be ready at an earlier age. If for any reason I feel that an animal is not ready to leave here I will keep it for longer until it goes to its new home.

**       If you are under 18 years old, you will need your parents’ permission before I can sell a pet to you. I also expect the parents to take full responsibility for the pet if their child loses interest.

**       Payment is by cash, bank transfer or PayPal only -  to reserve a pet you will need to leave a non-refundable deposit of £15 per animal. This is unfortunately necessary because of many previous time wasters.

**       I cannot fully guarantee the sex of any baby rabbit, although I can give you a very good idea by the time they are ready to be collected at ten weeks old.

**       All animals are provided with a care sheet and supply of food., plus any after care advice you may need.

**       If you want rabbits to live together they will BOTH need to be neutered (regardless of whether it is two bucks, two does or a buck and a doe - obvious in the last case or you’ll end up with lots of babies!) Neutering will reduce the chance of them fighting and also prevents does from getting uterine cancer, which is sadly very prevalent in older does - having lost three does to uterine cancer in the past, I would highly recommend that ALL does are spayed.

**       I do NOT recommend that rabbits and guinea pigs are kept together, and will not sell this combination. Their dietary requirements are very different and bullying is likely to occur.

**       All pets will have had their nails trimmed before going to new homes.  
I can also show you how to do this to save vet’s bills!

**       Buyer must collect; delivery within local area may be considered.

**       I am very happy for you to contact me for general advice, nail clipping, etc.

**       If you try to buy an animal for reptile food I will report you to the RSPCA.

**       I live in mid Wales - please check how far away from me you are to ensure it’s
not too long a journey BEFORE you contact me!
Please read the information below carefully if you are thinking of purchasing a pet from me before viewing which animals are available at this time ....
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