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Cylap reaction

Following a very serious adverse reaction to the Cylap Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD)  vaccination which my rabbits received in September 2008, I have been asked to produce a report for the vaccine’s manufacturer (formerly Fort Dodge, now Pfizer).


Click on the link below to read my report, there are many photos which are not pleasant viewing!


Cylap reaction report


The above report was produced in May 2009; by July Nutmeg’s bare patch had not changed

its appearance at all, and Cinnamon developed a new bare area on her chest,

so the flare-ups were still happening over ELEVEN MONTHS later!


In addition, where new fur has grown back at the site of the reaction, it is coloured (tortoiseshell) in areas which were previously white, which is very frustrating in show rabbits who are judged on their markings - extra spots / patches of colour are not what you want!


I  STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you do not use the CYLAP vaccine

against VHD but insist that your vet uses the LAPINJECT or new ANIVAC vaccine, which does not report such side-effects.  


All of my rabbits have now been vaccinated twice using Lapinject  -

I am very pleased to report that none

have showed any side effects, thank goodness!



In Summer 2009 I received news from the manufacturer of the Cylap vaccine,

please see below:


My vet has had a reply from Fort Dodge after I sent my report in May. They have asked the vet to convey their gratitude to me for producing the report, and say that they have not previously had a group of Suspect Adverse Reactions that relate to a specific colour and breed of a species. They say that they take all Suspected Adverse Events very seriously and have logged all the details on their Pharmocovigilance Database  so that they can monitor and detect any trends, and they will also forward the details to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate. They will pay special attention to the breed and colour of any rabbits reported to have adverse reactions in the future.


So please make sure that you report any adverse reactions to your vet, I am still hoping that they will update the information on the bottle's information sheet as I am convinced that this happens more often than they know about, and in some cases the owner or vet do not realise that it is linked to the use of the Cylap vaccine.



Update February 2010:


In September 2009 Fort Dodge  updated the information sheet for the Cylap vaccine, to state that UP TO 50% of rabbits may experience palpable skin reactions, with reddening and hair loss up to a few centimetres in diameter!


I am very pleased that they have at last acknowledged just how many

rabbits may experience serious side effects! My own vet now only uses the Lapinject vaccine in light of what happened to my rabbits with Cylap.




Update August 2010, please read:


I have now heard of a rabbit that has very sadly DIED following severe reactions to the Cylap vaccine.

Benji, an English rabbit, was vaccinated in March 2010 and had a bad skin reaction similar to what many of mine experienced, this then cleared up only to return in June when it was much more severe.


It once again appeared to clear up but in August 2010 the site of the reaction flared up once more and this time Benji experienced leg spasms

and breathing difficulties, so his owners made the very difficult

and sad decision to end his suffering.




I personally cannot believe that Cylap is still the VHD vaccine that the majority of vets are still using when there are so many reactions to it,

I read of side effects almost every week on the forums I am on - how many other rabbits are suffering or even dying because of it?


Beautiful Benji, I hope that his death

will not have been in vain if it means

that this evil vaccine is withdrawn.