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This page is dedicated to pets that are sadly no longer with us...
In memory of - rabbits
Poppy (mother of Flecky) - died in April 2004 aged one year when her first litter were just nine days old, a sometimes moody but lovable French lop
Misty (mother of Marbles) - died of a heart condition in March 2006, aged 7 years, my first rabbit after many years without bunnies - a very special doe
Murphy, our first sable rabbit, a lovable laid back chap, died during an operation on his teeth in August 2005

Guinea pigs.........

Marbles - went to sleep due to uterine cancer on 24 October 2007 aged 7 years, much missed
Tilly (mother of Oliver) -
died suddenly on 28 October 2007

Pecan (son of Marmalade and Tango), who passed away on 19 May 2008, and will be very much missed by his owners Kim and Jon in Wiltshire

Lily (mother of Holly) - died of uterine cancer on 8 July 2008
aged 6 years, a lovely doe that will be missed by us
and all the bucks she used to flirt with.
Apricot (mother of Nutmeg) - died of uterine cancer on 15 December 2008 aged about 5 years,
a shy but very gentle doe whose loss has made us decide that all non-breeding and retired does
will be spayed as we have now lost three older does to cancer.
Buttons 14 May 2001 - 17 June 2009

My first buck rabbit and the oldest rabbit I have ever had, a beautiful boy who will be very sorely missed
Other Breeds

Oliver 12 January 2005 - 28 June 2009


It was a huge shock when Oliver died unexpectedly just like his mother Tilly when he seemed to be in perfect health.


He won Best In Show at the Royal Welsh Pet Show in 2008.

Holly, 24 September 2003 - 23 July 2009
(mother of Pebbles)

A huge gap has been left since Holly died of a heart condition, rest in peace my beautiful girl.
Guinness, August 2005 - 25 November 2009

He put up a long and brave fight with abscesses in his mouth but in the end it was too much for him,
we are so pleased that we now have some more sables to help his memory live on.

Nancy (daughter of Nutmeg and Tango) who passed away suddenly on 31 March 2010,

sadly missed by owner Charlie in Oxfordshire.

Chloe (daughter of Caramel and Tango),
who went to sleep on 20 June 2010,  
greatly missed by Joanne in Builth Wells.
Nutmeg 6 July 2006 - 9 July 2010
(mother of Cinnamon and Crunchie)

Nutmeg was the first tortoiseshell English that I bred myself and was a fantastic mother to her babies.

She became ill with kidney problems and was moved into the house so that we could look after her for the last eight months of her life. We really miss her begging for the crusts of our toast every morning.
Emily, 2005 - 13 December 2011
(mother of Bramble)

Emily was a lovely rabbit, we only had her for three years but she was a real character, her love of chewing hutches and runs has certainly passed onto her offspring!
Monty, 25 February 2003 - 19 January 2012
(father of Pebbles)

Monty was an amazing boy, loved to sit on my lap for cuddles and lived until he was almost nine years old,
we miss him a lot.
Matilda, 16 March 2010 - 7 September 2012
(mother of Beamish)

Matilda was a beautiful dark siamese sable, shown here as a baby and with her brother Merlin, she won Best under five months Fur rabbit at the Royal Welsh Show in 2010. She was a feisty rabbit in the hutch but very well behaved once you had caught her!
Minstrel, March 2012 - 23 March 2013

We had not had Minstrel long, she sadly died very unexpectedly when her first litter were 10 days old.

She was a very lively girl who always wanted to be
fed first and loved her greens.
Molly, March 2012 - 28 March 2013

We were devastated when we lost Molly within a few days of Minstrel, again with no warning, she had also had her first litter recently.

She appeared to be a quiet and reserved rabbit, but was very good at escaping from her hutch and running around in the shed when your back was turned!
Tango, spring 2004 - 21 October 2013
(father of Nutmeg, Caramel,
Cinnamon and Crunchie)
Pebbles, 2 June 2004 - 17 April 2013
(father of Bramble)

Pebbles was a very curious and affectionate rabbit,
he was diagnosed with a heart condition last
Christmas and was a real fighter right until the end,
he has left a big gap in the rabbit shed.
Tango was an amazing rabbit, he loved his nose rubs and was the start of my tortoiseshell line.

Rest in peace handsome boy.

I am no longer able to easily update the photos on this website so the photos on this page are no longer kept up to date unfortunately.