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text are copyright

Fiona Wase, 2006-2021.


Please do not use

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PLEASE NOTE: I will no longer be keeping a waiting list,

once I have decided which babies are staying here

they can be reserved on a first come, first served basis

 if I am satisfied that you will be a suitable owner

and upon payment of a deposit of £15 per rabbit.


I no longer keep a waiting list because of many people taking a

place on it and then deciding it is too far to travel to view or

collect them or alternatively deciding to buy from elsewhere -

please ensure you know how far it is from your house

to mid Wales BEFORE you contact me!!



See the Videos page for some of my previous litters, current videos are on my Facebook page!!!



New litters

Babies arrived on 18th March from Florence (black self English)

and Zeus (blue spotted English) - there are seven babies!!


The litter are made up of 3 black spotteds, 3 blue selfs and 1 blue spotted!


Pictures below at 5 weeks old, more recent photos are on the For Sale page:


These babies are all now reserved or collected, thanks for all the interest!


Please contact me if you are interested in any future litters that may be born!