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Myxomatosis is a horrendous disease that unfortunately affects both wild and pet rabbits,

so make sure your rabbit is vaccinated against this deadly disease!


There is a vaccine (Nobivac) which combines the old separate myxomatosis
and VHD vaccinations, and lasts for a whole year!

This is in addition to Filavac, the vaccine against the new strain of VHD/RHD called VHD2/RHD2.

Both vaccines can be used from five weeks of age - if you would like a baby you have reserved to be vaccinated before you collect them, this can be arranged through my vet.  


The cost at my vets for the Nobivac vaccination is £35.00 per rabbit including full health check, or £24.00 with a basic health check. The Filavac vaccine is £19.00 per rabbit with a basic health check but does need a booster at 10 weeks of age if done earlier than this.

This cost can be added to the purchase price, and you will receive a vaccination certificate to take away with you as a reminder of when the booster is due.


Please let me know if you would like me to do this for your own peace of mind.




All of my rabbits have been given the new vaccine with no side effects whatsoever.



To read about the terrible adverse reactions that several of my rabbits experienced in 2008 after being injected with the Cylap VHD vaccination,

please see the separate page called Cylap reaction.


I have also heard the sad news that a rabbit has now died following awful complications after receiving the Cylap VHD vaccine.


Please see the Cylap reaction page. Please note that this vaccine is no longer available in the UK, having been superseded by the combined myxomatosis/VHD vaccine (Nobivac) and more recently the VHD2/RHD2 vaccine (Filavac).


I am pleased that there is now a combined VHD/myxomatosis vaccine, my rabbits have all been receiving it since 2012 with no side effects whatsoever and in addition have had the Filavac vaccine since 2016.

New strain of Viral Haemmorhagic Disease in the UK


Since around 2015 there has been a new strain in the UK,
called VHD2 or RHD2, the old combined myxomatosis/VHD vaccine
does not protect against it, but in 2016 a new vaccine became available.


The one that my vets use is called Filavac, it is given once a year,
in addition to the combined vaccine for myxomatosis/VHD (strain 1)
which is called Nobivac. It can be given from 5 weeks of age
but does require a booster at 10 weeks if done before this age.

You should leave a gap of two weeks or more
between giving the two vaccines.

Exhibition rabbits are required to wear a metal ring on one of their hind legs for the purposes of registration and identification. These rings come in different sizes according to the breed of rabbit and are purchased from the British Rabbit Council.


For many decades the size for English rabbits was a D size.

From the beginning of 2016 this size was increased to an E size, despite members of the National English Rabbit Club voting against this change in a ballot some years earlier.


The change was brought in anyway and unfortunately resulted in a broken leg in Hickory, one of my rabbits, due to the fact it was able to slide down onto the lower part of the leg and get stuck there. Hickory is now fine, but had to undergo surgery and many weeks of restricted space. The same has also happened to other English rabbits belonging to other breeders.


If you show English rabbits please be aware of the fact that this could occur. Please contact me if you require any further

information about what happened.

Babies are ready now!! One left!

Just one baby left!



All babies leave here with a care sheet,
supply of food and a lifetime of after-care advice (should you need it).


All babies have been vaccinated against VHD2, I can arrange for them
to have the combined myxomatosis/VHD1 vaccination
through my vet if you would like me to.

contact me if you are interested in the baby I have left,
he is fully weaned, used to eating a range of green foods and is able
to go to his new home now as he is 4 months old!