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Ring Size D

a)  Perfect Butterfly Smut - 15 points

b)  Circle around eyes - 8 points

c)  Cheek spots to be clear from eye circles - 5 points

d)  Ears neat and clear from white and not over 10.16 cm (4 ") long - 5 points
Total for Head Markings = 33 points


a)  Unbroken Saddle, to be herring-boned and clear in any distinct colour - 10 points

b)  Body or Loin Markings to be nicely broken up and not to catch the saddle - 12 points

c) Chain markings, to be as even as possible on each side - 12 points

 Leg Markings, one distinct spot on each leg, front legs - 5  points, back legs - 2 points

e)  Belly or Teat Spots (there should be six) - 6 points

Total for Body Markings = 47 points

COLOURS: Black, Blue, Tortoiseshell, Chocolate or Grey - 10 points
   (no other colours eligible or admissible)

SIZE AND TYPE: Weight 2.72 - 3.62kg (6 - 8 lb), as illustrated - 5 points

5 CONDITION: Good coat and not baggy - 5 points

100 points

GENERAL NOTE: The markings on both sides of the rabbit to be equally balanced.
Chain markings, as shown in the ideal illustration, to commence at the base of the ears i
n small spots, and increasing in size towards the loins.

NOTE: Judges are requested to pass all rabbits with putty noses, or which, in their opinion, are unfairly prepared exhibits.   
BRC Standard for English rabbits
The English rabbit breed standard (taken from the BRC website)
Drawing of a perfect English rabbit