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New homes 4

In their new homes 5

This is Harry, a tortoiseshell self buck from a litter from Tango and Nutmeg that were born in March 2009, in his new home with Sam and Neal in Cheshire.  


He managed to escape from his run and ended

up in the veggie patch!!

New homes 6
If you have bought a rabbit or guinea pig from me, please send any pictures of your pet so that I can include them here.
This is Lilly, a tortoiseshell doe from a litter from Crunchie and Caramel that were born in April 2009 in her enormous new hutch with bunny friend!

She lives with Bethany and Jonah in Kington.
These are Skye, a tortoiseshell charlie doe from the same litter as Lilly above, and Midnyte, black self buck from a litter from Tango and Emily that was born in April 2009

They live with Emily and Katie Hammond in Market Drayton, Shropshire.
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