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Daisy, born 12 February 2007

(daughter of Flora and Truffle)

My guinea pigs

More photos of Flora and Daisy

Ripple, red roan sow,

born April 2009

Ruby, golden satin sow,

born April 2009


Ruby and Ripple with Ruby’s first litter that were born on 9th May 2010.


The palest one on the right is a sow called Buttercup and she lives with me, the other two are boars called Starsky and Hutch

and they live with our neighbour Sally.

This is Topaz, she was born in May 2010 -

we found her at the Three Counties Show  in September the same year.

Topaz went to the Royal Welsh Pet Show in July 2011, she was the Best Smooth haired Guinea Pig

and then went on to win Reserve Best In Show!

Here she is with her trophy and rosettes!

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I am no longer able to easily update the photos on this website so the photos on this page are out of date unfortunately.