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This page is for my good friends Kim and Jon and their rabbits

who live in Westbury, Wiltshire.


Kim owns Lynx, a tortoiseshell English buck who was born on

15 March 2008, his father is Tango and his mother was Nutmeg.

As you can probably see he is spoilt rotten !


Kim also has a doe from Caramel’s first litter who was born on 11 April 2009 - she is called Amber and Kim was hoping that she would be Lynx’s wife after she was been spayed, but unfortunately they did not get on.


In 2010 Kim doubled her rabbit numbers with a marten sable buck called Onyx from Mabel and Ruddles’ litter that were born on 16 March, and also Luna, a black English doe from Bramble and Polo’s litter that were born on 8 August 2010. Onyx sadly died last year having been successfully bonded with Amber.

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