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Tortoiseshell English
Tortoiseshell English

Caramel, tortoiseshell doe  -

born 16th March 2008

(daughter of Tango and Marmalade,

mother of Copper and Jasmine)

Cinnamon, tortoiseshell doe  -

born 15th March 2008

(daughter of Tango and Nutmeg,

mother of Toffee)

Crunchie, tortoiseshell buck  -

born 15th March 2008

(son of Tango and Nutmeg,

father of Copper and Jasmine)

Toffee, tortoiseshell doe  -

born 2nd September 2009

(daughter of Cinnamon)

Copper, tortoiseshell buck -

born 11th April 2009

(son of Crunchie and Caramel)

Jasmine, tortoiseshell doe  -

born 17th March 2011

(daughter of Caramel and Crunchie)

Jasmine is still living with her mum, they get on really well, she did well at shows until she managed to get her ring off last year unfortunately!
She has recently been spayed.

Toffee is a shy and gentle rabbit, and has

been an excellent mother to the three litters of babies she has had. She has now been retired from breeding and has been spayed.

Copper is a very lively and friendly rabbit,

and is still doing well at shows despite being

over four years old!

Caramel is a curious and independent rabbit, and was spayed last year.

She lives with her daughter, Jasmine.

Crunchie never seems to rest, he is always on the go! He loves to dig holes in his run and play with his football!

Cinnamon did very well at shows as a youngster, but was badly affected by the reaction she had to the

Cylap VHD vaccination in 2008 and was retired from shows. She was spayed last year and now lives with my French lop Harley.

Betony has done well on the show table, the picture is of her with her Best of Breed certificates from the Malvern Autumn Show in September 2013.


She is a shy girl in her hutch but confident when she is out!

Veronica, tortoiseshell doe  -

born June 2011
(mother of Betony)

Betony tortoiseshell doe  -

born 8 August 2012

(daughter of Veronica and Crunchie)

Veronica was bred by my friend Vernon Roberts and is a quiet girl until feeding time comes, when she chews furiously at the wire until she gets her pellets!!

Please follow me on Facebook for pictures of the parents of the litters that I may have, I am no longer able to easily update the photos on this website so the photos of my current rabbits are out of date unfortunately.