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 Black and Blue English
Black and Blue English
Polo, black buck -
born 14 May 2009

Polo is my  black stud buck, bred by my

friend Tony Taylor in Ammanford.  



Bramble, black self doe -
born 22 August 2009
(daughter of Pebbles and Emily)

Bramble is a cheeky and naughty rabbit,

and is very good at escaping from her hutch!


She is a fantastic mum and has had some lovely babies. She is now retired from breeding
and has been spayed



Freckle, black buck -
born 31 August 2011
(son of Polo and Bramble)

Freckle was the smallest of Bramble’s litter that were born in 2011, and hasn’t really grown very big.


He is very lively, and likes to chew and spray in his hutch and run, so has recently been neutered which has improved his behaviour a lot!


Floyd, blue self buck -
born 18 September 2012

Floyd was bred by Jeanette Taylor from Cornwall, and is descended from Diana Webb’s blue line, so I am very happy to have tracked him down!


He is a friendly and lively boy, who loves to burrow and re-arrange all the bedding in his hutch!


Barney, black buck -
born 29 August 2014
(son of Floyd and Dottie)

Rocky was the only baby of Minstrel’s who survived, despite our best attempts at hand rearing .


He is very very lively, and will escape
at any opportunity! He is also very friendly
because he was handreared.

Rocky, black self buck -
born 13 March 2013
(son of Floyd and Minstrel)

Barney was fostered onto Veronica’s litter when his mother Dottie sadly died.


He is a very curious rabbit, getting his nose
into everything and loves to jump into the
upturned box in his run!

Echo, blue doe -
born 30 March 2014
(daughter of Floyd and Erin)

Echo is the baby we kept after successfully hand rearing her and her brother and sisters after her mother Erin died.


She is extremely confident after living in our house for the first three months of her life!

Snowdrop, blue doe -
born 30 June 2013

Snowdrop was bred by Becca Wilkins from South Wales and is related to Floyd.


She settled in very quickly and is very nosy!

Please follow me on Facebook for pictures of the parents of the litters that I may have, I am no longer able to easily update the photos on this website so the photos of my current rabbits are out of date unfortunately.